Dubai Taxi advertising, is it worth it?

How much is advertising on the Dubai Taxi, and is it worth it?

You can advertise your company, products or services on the RTA Dubai taxi, and reach millions of people n Dubai over a certain period. This type of brand awareness and marketing can also reach other Emirates outside of Dubai.

Taxi Advertising in Dubai is the best way to get the attention of the other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Advertising on Dubai Taxis provides an unmatched exposure for your company as these taxis are known to travel around different Emirates round-the-clock. It acts as a 'mobile billboard' displaying your brand to around-the-city audiences. Dubai Taxi ads offer much more exposure than other static advertising formats. A Dubai Taxi ad reach could lead to Hotels, Global Village, Dubai Malls, Airports, Residential area, Office buildings, Dubai Tourist attraction locations, etc.

Dubai Taxi marketing offers your brand an optimum level of exposure to millions of people, thereby making a simple taxi ride an influencer for your brand. advertising on the Dubai Taxi worth it? YES!

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