CREATE CURLS AND WAVES AS EASILY AS STRAIGHTENING. The Braun Satin Hair 5 IONTEC multistyler allows you to create a variety of styles – all with the one product. It is uniquely designed to make curling as easy as straightening. The parallel ribs on the plates align and guide the hair round in a perfect circle so you can achieve natural and defined curls easily. Built using 100% ceramic eloxal plates, the Satin Hair 5 IONTEC multistyler glides through your hair with exceptional ease and smoothness. Virtually indestructible, the plates create healthy-looking styles and prevent heat damage and hair breakage. IONTEC TO BOOST SHINE AND SMOOTH HAIR. The Braun Satin Hair 5 IONTEC multistyler uses revolutionary IONTEC technology to combat static that can occur with conventional straighteners. The secret is in the millions of active ions that are released as the multistyler moves through your hair. These active ions work like conditioner, enveloping every hair strand to quickly restore the moisture that can get lost with the excessive heat of styling. Hair is left frizz-free with a renewed smoothness and shine. img1 microgrip STEP 1 It’s easy to create soft, perfect curls with the Satin Hair 5 IONTEC multistyler. First, position the straightener horizontally and place a strand of hair through them. antislip STEP 2 Twist the straightener 180° away from you. skincontact STEP 3 Twist the straightener a further 180° away from you, creating a total 360° rotation. choosespeed STEP 4 Slide the straightener down the hair to the tip.

Braun Satin Hair 5 ST570 Hair Straightener & Multistyler With IONTEC Technology

    • Brand: Braun
    • Hair Dryer Type: Hair Straightener
    • Power Source : Corded Electric